Arbeit und Leben

Arbeit und Leben Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. Logo

We created some project websites for Arbeit und Leben Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. and do the Administration and Hosting of an Egroupware/EPL instance they use to manage all the project related infos like documents, adressbooks and calendars.


Architrave Logo

Benjamin Staude and Maurice Grassau were searching for support for their API driven real estate management software. We could help out with our knowledge about code process management, coding guidelines, service architecture and ZF2 based coding experiences.

Together with Architrave we developed the backend/API part, that the backbone frontend is communicating with. See Architrave website for more information.


EasyBib/Imagine Easy Solutions Logo

Over the last 3 years we worked on many EasyBib projects, related to their website or other new products.

We learned a lot about "the cloud", scaling software, software architecture and working inside a bigger team. See for the last product we were working on.


ecogood Logo

Doing API development for a system, that should get integrated into shop systems to do clima compensation. Working with CEO Florian Holzhauer was quite fine, but the startup did not manage to get a sustainable growth.



"ELTERN-AG ist a community-based self-help training programme for disadvantaged parents."

We're really proud to support this project almost from beginning on (at least they were one of the first clients 10 years ago). We did many different website versions for them, all based on our own CMS solution. When the project moved from university into its own office we offered to do the Macintosh support. We achieved that a team of women is able to work for the project, including doing work from home. They mostly manage their digital stuff by theirselves and dont need much support by us (men).

See for more informations about the project.

Jan Michalko

Jan Michalko Logo

We do web and mail hosting of He was once living in Nuremberg but met Michael first in the Internet before seeing him in real in his famous Holzschuherstrasse flat. So as we are direct neighbours in Berlin now, we decided to do same in digital space. Visit his website to see some really great street photography. Do it, now!


MAPP-Institut Logo

The MAPP-Institut is doing trainings for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy. Being one of our first clients, we did many CMS based website versions and do the Administration and Hosting of an Egroupware/EPL instance for managing the students and offering document storage for them.

Visit for more informations about the organization.


MEU Logo

MAPP Empowerment University is a new MAPP project. We build the rather complex website with our own CMS solution and were able to deliver a website with all related infomations for future students.


Miraprospekt Logo is a showcase for independent photographers. We do the hosting of this wordpress blog with a docker based setup on machines with SSD storage, so we achieved a really good response speed for all this really awesome pictures. Really great project - take the time to view the photos!

Nathusisus Institut

Nathusisus Institut Logo

A small project related to MAPP-Institut. Made their scrolling website based on our CMS solution. See


RitterRostBand Logo

This was quite a small, but fun job. We only did it as static html version, no dynamic part was needed. It was quite nice to work with content like this. If you have similar projects - feel free to contact! Watch and if you have children and have a chance to see them live - go there!

Siemoneit Racing

Siemoneit Racing Logo

Another development of tuning database management and frontend based on our own CMS solution. See


Somondo Logo

Somondo connects visitors and non-profit organizations. We will make it easier for not-for-profit organizations to inform the public about visiting opportunities. These visits offer participants the chance to interact with the organizations and learn first-hand about their projects.

We build the website for somondo:

tbwa\ Berlin

tbwa\ Logo

We made a version of their website, based on our CMS. This was used for some month and was replaced by their projeqt project. For sure some interesting insights into big agency life - tbwa\ Berlin is gone now.