Leander Roters

has been working in the web-industry for more than a decade. What started as a side project during school, administering linux servers and hacking on little flash-games and database driven web-apps has become a lifetime profession.

Over the last 15 years, through practical experience and experiments Leander has acquired a broad set of skills. "a swiss army knife" for the web. From the whiteboard to clean and tested code. From the bare metal setup of your *nix boxes to a continously deployed app orchestra.

In his off-time leander loves the ocean/water and all things surfing

Michael Scholl

Grown up in Nuremberg the first 20 years of his life. Studied music therapy in Magdeburg, but decided to cancel that in favor of his first web development job in Berlin. He has worked 10 years, most of them self-employed with his sch0ll company.

Started with PHP after DHTML and Flash were cool toys but not really great tools to get bigger stuff done. So by doing templating of a PHP bulletin board and writing his first own CMS solution he kept diving into all related web programming stuff. One of his most pushing relationship in this context: Leander - so after years of working together, there was no doubt of doing a "real" company together.

He is doing web development most of his time, besides macintosh administration and doing the administration/support for project management systems we run for some of our clients.

Father of 2 great kids, music lover and pianist, check out his old sites: sch0ll and 9 1/2 Finger

Marko Bache

The man for everything. He is doing the accounting of Wesrc UG and helping with administration of client projects, doing small design jobs or testing websites (the eagle eye man!). A real Berlin grown up and father of an awesome small girl. But will drive you crazy, if you try to play starcraft against him.