Supporting your digital needs

Wesrc [read "we source"] was founded to be able to offer you a team of digital natives to provide you with (re)sources for your digital needs. Your needs are individual, because they are needs of a human being (or a group of them). That's where we try to meet our customers and find a possible way to go together. It will need empathy to understand, what the other side is trying to do. We believe in this being the key to get the best solution, that enables you, to care about what you want to achieve.

Beautifully crafted WebApps

We (Leander Roters and Michael Scholl) offer
web development and hosting. Small to big websites, driven by a CMS or a tailor made WebApp, doing, what you want it to do. Large or small scale projects. We would like to take care of hosting, configuring services, coding and choosing the database solution, that fits your needs.

Projects with impact

We love to support projects with impact. And we believe, that the internet can help to build a better place for all human beings. This could be a very romantic and idealistic point of view, but we believe in this being the most realistic one.

Not sure about that? But we are!

See our clients & projects section to get some impression of work we have done already.

OpenSource & Giving back

We use OpenSource solutions every day and love living in a world, where such a huge number of people offer their time to get something done for the community/other people. The world we're living in and the internet would not be possible without them. So we would like to give back as much as possible. While doing business - yes.

We love having customers that share this idea. And we really like supporting them with getting their (digital) work done.

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