We host most of our clients & projects on our own servers. We do this, because we had already spent hours to configure cheap hosting contracts and try to find a way around missing configuration settings. Out of this experience we got to the point of desire of having the opportunity to manage the complete stack by ourselves. Being sick of slow Apache webserver, wanting to have full control over the full PHP stack. So we started to rent our own root servers (or doing the administration of client root servers) and mainly Leander Roters started to dive into FreeBSD/docker system administration.

With more than 10 years of PHP hosting knowledge, we can offer a huge experience background how to run a PHP app in a production environment. We can run the latest PHP version and benefit of new language features when we want to. We use NGINX webserver instead of Apache and our root servers are equiped with SSD to get best perfomance for web apps. And if there are any needs for running an app like NoSQL databases, queue systems, ... we are pretty sure, that we will find a good solution for your problem.

Connected to the PHP environment we started offering mail hosting for many of our clients. So we already did a huge step away from monolithic infrastructure while being able to offer a small, personal hosting service. We know our clients neighbourhood. We know the software that is running on top of the stack.

So if you're interested into personal hosting solution, let's get in contact to speak about your needs!

Mail Hosting

We don't like the idea of services, we don't know personally, giving all of our written communication streams. Neither we like the idea of service scanning all our communication to filter personal relevant data out of it to make money out of that data. As email is quite transparent by design (like sending postcards instead of letters), there is not any solution to encrypt all your mails without any huzzle.

We already started years ago hosting our mailboxes on our own servers. We continued to offer that service to our customers. We offer mail hosting with SSL encrpyted communication to the server, SIEVE support (to support filter rules on the server), roundcube webmail interface and as much space, as you need. Let us know, if you want to switch from googlemail, too.

Wordpress Hosting

This is not about how much we love that piece of software - but we must agree, that our customers do want to use it. As wordpress is a quite popular software, the security bugs inside this software are actively exploited by hackers around the world massivly. Customers are mostly not the ones, who will run updates of the wordpress software. So hosting this software is like adding an extra hole into your security setup.

Our solution to this is separation of each wordpress hosted site. And adding version control to the game, as updates often killed peoples work they have done to a theme, or something else. You just need to understand the bare concept of GIT, install a gui app for it and you're ready to edit your wordpress solution in a safe way. SSD based wordpress hosting starting from 10,- Euros per month, scaling with your needs.

OwnCloud, Egroupware/EPL, PHP App Hosting

We already have experiences with Egroupware/EPL and OwnCloud installation (for small up to large setups).

Talk to us, if you're interested in running a PHP organisation tool for your small or large company.


Our highest interest while providing a hosting service to our clients: knowing your data at a safe place. In the end this means fighting on different problems. The point of view changed over the last years, especially the last ones. Fear of "crackers" lowered, fear of security agencies and the state law raised. As Wesrc UG is located in Germany, we are bound to german law. We are actively watching out for security announcements and for new solutions coming up. It's not possible _not_ to be concerned about what is happening in the digital world.

We try constantly to raise awareness to topics of data security with our clients. We do what we can do to get a better, decentraliced world and keeping some bits of freedom inside the digital world. We do so, because we experienced the web while getting old. We were young and loved the energy of something new without already set borders. There was no horizon. Now we need to fight to keep large windows out in the world.